Bombing Runs, Death Contracts, and “JAMB”: UPDATED 05-09-00 – A Report from Within the Set!

by May 8, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

One of the false script covers of The Lord of the Rings, named “Jamboree”.
Another report from within… Can anyone answer this insider’s question about Gimli?

Airforce Skyhawks normally do bombing runs over the area we were filming in and the army had to clear the land specially… They literally linked arms and walked over the designated land making sure it was clear of unexploded shells etc. We even had to sign what 3 foot 6 (PJs company) affectionately called the death contract, absolving 3 foot 6, Ltd. (the extras casting company) and the NZ Army of any blame if we blew ourselves up by stepping outside the marked area.

Basically the desert area we were in is mostly low shrubs, grey moss clumps and tundra grasses on sand. It’s very windy (giving a generally low temerature due to wind chill factors), and the volcanic plateau is high enough above sea level that at times the clouds can come right down to the ground level.

One thing I was curious about was if anyone new wether John Rhys Davies Was very short? “Gimli” was on the back of Legolas’s horse, and because of the utterly fantastic job they did on the prosthetics and makeup I couldn’t tell if it was JRD or not (even up close in the lunch tent).

One last tip for anyone travelling through NZ (I probably shouldn’t say this but some would have guessed by now). If you’re passing near filming locations and you see little yellow and black signs with “JAMB” on them, you know you’re near to the “pot of gold” or tolkien as in this case… for those wondering about the word JAMB, think back to the scans of the script covers with the title … *Jamboree*

Thats it… Secret Squirrel #1 out.

UPDATE: I’ve received a couple of emails about John Rhys-Davies’ height–it seems to hover right around 5 feet, 5 inches…


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