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by Aug 16, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Ian McKellen‘s August 15th E-Post covers Shakespeare, London theater and gay activism, but no Lord of the Rings news. However, excerpted below are some items of general interest.

Q: I am unsure as to how you got your “big break” or even if you did have one?

A: Looking back, it’s hard to see a defining moment that could be called a big break, unless it was my early decision to look for work that could teach me rather than make me rich and famous.

Q: I am a Flash animator who is working on new forms of story-telling. As you are an actor who maintains a web site, what do you think the role of the internet will have on acting, movies and storytelling?

A: You sound more in touch with the future of the internet than I am. Perhaps its most exciting potential is in the immediacy of communication which will allow an individual or group to contact a wide-ranging international audience at the touch of the keyboard. As the technology expands and becomes cheaper, there will be soon nothing to stop anyone who has a story to tell from posting it for the world to read and see. We could soon all be performers and directors, a new democracy of communication blurring the lines between amateur and professional artistry.

Q: Why is there no mention of the Star Wars movies in which you have appeared? I am amazed how you can transform yourself from Senator Palpatine, to the SS officer in Apt Pupil, to your performance in Gods and Monsters!

A: I think you have the wrong Ian. In Phantom Menace, Senator Palpatine is played by Ian McDiarmid. I have not appeared in any of the Star Wars episodes.


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