“Arwen” Talks of “Ergorn” and Female Energy – Grin and bear this latest Liv Tyler interview

by Apr 25, 2001Lord of the Rings (Movies)

As more and more LOTR articles are written in the mainstream press, be prepared for the mangling of Tolkien’s words and themes — such as in this excerpt from an Ottawa Citizen article about Liv Tyler (Arwen).

The character of Arwen in The Lord of the Rings will be a far different proposition — a genuinely romantic human being who falls in love with Ergorn. Tyler stresses that in the original Tolkien novel, the Elvin princess is only there for a couple of chapters — but that at the end of the book there is a huge appendix dealing with her love for Ergorn. “We wanted to incorporate more of that into the film because Tolkien didn’t write about women that much, so it was nice to have some female energy in the story.

So when the first film in the trilogy comes out in late autumn, audiences will be witnessing “this hopelessly romantic love story about two people from totally different worlds who fall in love. The horrible thing is that she has to choose between immortality and giving it up to be with this man she loves.”

The Lord of the Rings was filmed by director Peter Jackson in his home country of New Zealand, and Tyler travelled back and forth constantly over an 18-month shooting period.

“We finished at Christmas, and it was really long. We did all three films at the same time. Peter Jackson is amazing. The whole experience was amazing, and it was really great to be there in this magical place.”

There are no new movies on her immediate horizon. “I’m just relaxing and enjoying things at home.” She is also planning her wedding to musician Royston Langdon. “And no, I’m not going to tell you the wedding date!” Moments later, she’s on her feet fending off any more questions. “I’m leaving!” she announces merrily. “I love you all!” And she’s out of the room.

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