Andy Serkis on the radio – Radio West

by Jan 15, 2004Lord of the Rings (Movies)

At 11 am MST on Wednesday, January 14, Andy Serkis talked about his experiences portraying Gollum, and the book he wrote about it, on Radio West, a program produced by Salt Lake City’s NPR affiliate KUER. To hear the broadcast online, visit

At 7 pm Wednesday evening, Andy also did a Q & A and signing of his book at the downtown Salt Lake City Borders. About a thousand people showed up, and by 6 pm the bookstore and all the other bookstores in the vicinity were sold out of Andy’s book. When he started the Q & A he told us he was pretty overwhelmed by the turnout! He read a little from his book, and performed for us the schizophrenia scene from The Two Towers, and was fantastic!

Most of the questions in the Q & A were good questions, but some were dumb… like, “How was it like, working with Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan?” His answer? “I didn’t really see much of Dominic…” “How did you like him?” “Oh, he’s terrible…” And someone posed the hypothetical of, “What do you think Smeagol would have done if the ring were destroyed and Smeagol had lived?” His answer? “Smeagol probably would have said something like [ cue Smeagol voice ] ‘What did you do THAT for?”


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