An Interview with Peter Jackson

by Nov 23, 2005Lord of the Rings (Movies)

No, it’s not directly about The Lord of the Rings, but this interview offers a few more details about the man behind the films. Very interesting… Here’s a excerpt:

“Kong in many respects has been like a fourth Lord of the Rings film. I don’t really even separate Kong from Rings in some respects. I just look back on the last seven or eight years of being just a blur of film making and hard work and seven-day weeks.

“I’m just looking forward to actually having both projects behind me and waking on up on the first of January and being able to think about things I’ve never thought about yet. I haven’t really been able to do that.”

While King Kong is completed, pre production has already started on a big budget adaptation of sci-fi video game Halo, which Jackson will be an executive producer. It’s more hands off – even by Jackson’s standards. He will also direct a film adaptation of The Lovely Bones, but unlike Kong Kong after The Lord of the Rings, he won’t rush into next year.

“We are going to take a bit of time writing the script for that. But also we are going to work on other things. I want to think about other movie ideas … I have a bunch of different ideas. So I really am looking forward to being able to think of fresh ideas and characters that are new and books that are new, than those two particular projects.”

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