A Vision Inside a Hobbit Hole – Thoughts on the Lamp From the Official Site

by Feb 28, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

A couple of days ago, Francois Leclerc pointed out the following in an e-mail to me. I forgot I had not posted it, so here it is a couple days later.

It seems that the lamp plans were derived from the John Howe depiction of the interior of BagEnd’s as per the July painting for the 1997 calendar.

And after looking at the two pictures, I’d have to agree. If this image is being used as a vision of how Jackson wants the inside of the Hobbit hole to look, I think that is great. My reason for thinking is the third picture I’ve included below. This one is drawn by the master himself, Tolkien. Now, these images are not exactly the same, but they do make me aware of one thing; these guys are paying attention to detail. The lamp may be different, but I really think that Howe’s version truly captures the feel of these books.

Finally, I hope that this movie doesn’t boil down to Jackson and company majoring in the minors. In other words, I hope this much attention to detail is being paid to more important parts… characters, for instance.

Let others know what you think in the messageboard.

John Howe’s version of a Hobbit Hole

Peter Jackson’s Version of the Lamp

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Version of a Hobbit Hole


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