A Trip to Rivendell – Fan Visits Rivendell Set

by Mar 26, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

I received this over one week ago. I’ve dragged my feet in posting it because of the redesign. I hope you enjoy.

Question: It has come to my attention that you have been fortunate enough to see the Rivendell set. Is this a true statement?
Answer: Yes, I took a trip at Kaitoke Regional Park.

Question: And what did you see?
Answer: There were three different structures we were able to see, where we were able to see the set.

Question: What were they?
Answer: One was an ornately decorated tower, which was joined to another building. A photo of this was shown on TheOneRing.Com a few weeks ago. Another was a lodge looking building with wave carvings along the ridge. The other structure couldn’t be made out.

Question: How close were you able to get?
Answer: About 20 meters away

Question: Did you encounter any extras?
Answer: No, the only person there was a security guard who talked to us for a bit

Question: So, you didn’t have to stray from your group to get a glance?
Answer: Nope, it was all in the open for everyone to see

Question: What did the Security Guard have to say?
Answer: He mainly told us that they had finished with the filming, and they were beginning to pull it down.

Question: And what made you sure that it was all a part of the Rivendell set?
Answer: Well the tower looked similar to the style of architecture that Alan Lee used in his painting of Rivendell, along with the other small details that looked Elvish. It could be Lorien, but there were other buildings, one looked like a Swiss chalet in the shape it was built but had Nordic features one had a dragon’s head similar to the ones found on the prow of a Viking longboat or Anglo-Saxon hut jutted out of the roof

Question: Is there anything else about the set that you can recall?
Answer: No, not at the moment. It was faded though, and looked pretty dilapidated suppose that’s it?

Question: Ok, well thanks for your time, and thanks for telling us about your visit to Rivendell.
Answer: Ok, thanks.

Question: Next time that you get to see a set, try to take some pictures of it to share. For up to the sate information on everything Tolkien, please visit www.theonering.com

Thanks to Innkeeper and Tharkun for sending this one in.

From the pictures we have seen so far and the description of the set, it certainly sounds like the visuals on this movie are going to be great. If nothing else this will be a movie full of great eye candy.


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