A Fresh Eye on the Fellowship: Chapter 18 – Looking at LOTR from a different point of view

by Oct 10, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

No no no!!! Elves, not Ewoks!!!
Escaping from Moria, the Fellowship, now led by Aragorn, leaves their fallen comrade behind and make their way to “Lothlorien”, mystical city of the Elves. During the journey we discover that the Orcs and Wargs are still on their trail. Also on their trail is a little fellow that Haldir and the Elves of Lothlorien do not recognize. This can only be our little friend Smeagol, a.k.a. Gollum.

First of all I would like to say that Gollum’s appearance (or lack thereof) in this chapter can only means that the story is going to get that much more interesting. I cannot wait to see how Gollum is going to be portrayed in the movie. I am also curious which Gollum did you find better, the one from Hobbit and Return of the King or the one in Lord of the Rings? My personal favourite is the one from the Hobbit and RotK.

The major point that I would like to raise is the realism of the racist views between the Elves and the Dwarves. Sure, Legolas and Gimli have had their friendly spats back and forth but it was really great to see the tension between Haldir and Gimli. I realize that the Elves of Lothlorien had had bad dealings with Dwarves in the past but it is nice to see the realism behind it all. Tolkien sure knew what he was doing.

Again, comments on these and any other points are always appreciated and welcome. Until the next chapter…I see Frodo, and Sam, and Billy, and Brittany…(if you don’t understand the joke, check out the title of the next chapter, and if you still don’t then I’ve got two words for ya: ROMPER ROOM)

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