A Description of Mordor – Scouting New Zealand

by Feb 9, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

I received this in an e-mail this morning. David sent in a nice description of the area that is being scouted as a possible location for Mordor. I thought I’d pass it along so that those of you who have never been to New Zealand could hear about it.

The Ruapehu volcanic plateau just South of Lake Taupo on the map (north island). It’s chock full of brown tundra grasses for mules and is flat, cold and barren. Also the army owns about half of it, the other half is national park (with a state highway[1] running through – lovingly called the desert road – so easy acces as well).

For those interested, the plateau even has a couple of goodly sized mountains (snow covered) on it – Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe – good backdrop.

Anyway, that my 2 cents.



Thanks David. Here are a couple picture we posted last July when we first broke the news about this location.

Also check out our previous news story this location. Click Here


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