A Commotion in the Woods – Strange Happenings on Mt. Victoria

by Feb 8, 2000Lord of the Rings (Movies)

Tolkien-Movies received another report from one of their contacts, Sam, in New Zealand. Here’s what he had to say on some recent commotion in the Mt. Victoria Area.

Strange Happenings on Mt. Victoria

Lord of the Rings crew were filming in the forest again today. I live on Mt
Victoria, where if you remember they shot the scene where the Hobbits hide
from the Ringwraith behind the tree stump. Well, this evening I looked out my
window and saw smoke spiriling up from the woods and decided to go and
check it out. Ambling my way down the path i stumbled accross a security
guard who didn’t say much as I kept walking by… only to find a whole bunch
of people on four-wheel motorbikes and what looked like a group of people
down the bank filming.

A little nervous and worried about being chased off the set I went
back down the path and asked if they were filming LOTR… to which the
answer was yes. So I crept around the back and scaled a tree and feeling
even a little elf like I hid myself in the depths of Middle-earth to see what I
could see. As it happened, I must have got there a little too late because
people were beginning to pack things up… so I climbed down from the tree
eventually and sat down near the bank on which they were filming.

No matter what happens with this film regarding content I gaurantee that you’ll
at least find it visually astounding. The trees were exactly as I imagined them.
The sun had just gone down behind the hill and shadows were creeping
through the forest. Branches were spiky… the bark appeared a dark
browny-grey set against the deep green of the undergrowth. I’m going to have
to return with a camera because the scenery was beautiful. Exactly as I
imagined the forests of Middle-earth.

Reluctantly I made way back home — had to get my washing off the line
before it got damp, but when my neighbour informed me that there was a
bright light coming up from the forest, she, my flatmate and I decided to see
what we could find out. It was sort of difficult to find our way over the paths in
the middle of the night… even with torches, but eventually we made it to the
set where they’d been earlier in the day.

A very bright light was shining and we sat on the edge of a sloping bank
above where they were in the shadows of the trees and did our best to figure
out what was going on. Our spying can’t have been that brilliant because
some guy with a flashlight spotted us a couple of times but didn’t come to
talk to us. Guess he figured we weren’t going to do any harm. The trees and
bushes obscured most of our vision but we could make out a female voice
saying “roll camera”, cut” and “one more time.” The rest of the conversation
was hard to pick up and I couldn’t figure anything out. Eventually they began
to pack up and we decided to return home. I’m gonna buy film and get up
there to take photos as soon as I can.


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