3 More Already Cast: DeLuca Fights Back – An e-mail from Michael DeLuca

by Aug 27, 1999Lord of the Rings (Movies)

OK, boys and girls, this is what Harry over at Ain’t it Cool News got from Michael DeLuca.

We’ve STILL got 3 confirmed, signed, major roles cast that have not had a whisper on the net. These actors have NEVER been mentioned – and they’re IN the movies! You guys are dropping the ball!

Ouch! That hurt! Are we going to take that as fans, or are we going to do something about it? I say “RELEASE THE HOUNDS! It’s time to pick up the pace.” If you know anything at all about who these 3 people might be, let us know. I know that people involved with the movies are coming to the site.

So let’s look at this, who hasn’t been cast yet that would be important. Merry, I am certain is one of them. He is the last Hobbit to be cast. Boromir could be another one because he is in the first movie. Legalos, Gimli, and Elrond are also in the first movie. I suspect that Merry has been cast and we know nothing about it. Odds are that the others that have been cast are Legalos and Gimli. They have parts that will require the most commitment from the actors so I’m guessing that they have been cast as well.

Do any of you know anything about these 3 Mystery Men? I know that some of you do… I know where you guys work. 😉 Care to share anything? If you do, leave me an e-mail.


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