Where Will The Split Be Made?

by Jul 29, 2009The Hobbit (Movies)

The Examiner posted an interesting article lately concerning where one movie will begin and the other end, a dilemma that is echoed in the thoughts of many a Tolkien fan. Will the second film be an entirely different story, “filling in” the gap between the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, or are they going to split the tale in half? And, if so, where? There’s no definite answer as of yet, but this article is helpful in that it pieces together all the rumors and the clues. 

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Back in June, Cliff Broadway interviewed Guillermo del Toro for SlaveBoyFilms.com. The director of the upcoming Hobbit films indicated that discussions with Peter Jackson and the other writers had led to an agreement on the “break point” between the two films. He described the discussion as “like the Church meeting in the Council of Trent… arguing about the divinity of Jesus.” His point seems to be that there was much discussion, but that there was only one obvious answer. He also asserts that “everyone” (implying the fan base) knows what the break point has to be.

Well, Guillermo, it appears that “everyone” is not in agreement on what that obvious break point is, or should be. For example, there has been quite a bit of disagreement on TheOneRing.net’s Forum about this.

Guillermo did say in October (MTV blog) that the break would come after the death of Smaug, but at that point they were apparently planning to script details about the 60-year gap between the books (The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings) into the second movie. However, in an interview in March (Empire magazine), Guillermo seemed to indicate the second movie would end where the book ends.



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