Weta Posts “News from the Shire”

by Nov 20, 2009The Hobbit (Movies)

Weta will be posting a series of updates titled “News from the Shire”, updating us on the happenings on the Hobbiton movie set.  Here’s an excerpt:

November is one of the most magical times at the Hobbiton Movie Set. The promise of summer beckons as the trees and hedgerows burst with delight at the warmth of the spring sun on their branches. The swallows have returned and can be seen darting through the hedges in search of the many small insects that are also flourishing.

The grass seems particularly green this year after a wetter than usual early spring – but this is good news as our hobbit holes are sporting an exceptionally fine display of growth. The small pond at the foot of Bagshot Row has a new colony of frogs that can be heard proclaiming their territory very loudly to all our visitors and the lambs are just gamboling everywhere as they too enjoy the luscious green tips of grass.

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