Viggo Mortensen talks “Hobbit”

by Sep 13, 2007The Hobbit (Movies)

Here follows the undoubtedly interesting snippet from the interview courtesy of MTV.

MTV: There’s talk of a film version of “The Hobbit”. Are you curious?

Mortensen: I’m curious about it. Anybody that likes

Tolkien or Peter Jackson’s trilogy is interested in what happens. I’m not really in the loop. I don’t know what’s going on. It seems pretty obvious that Peter Jackson would be the person to direct it.

MTV: Aragorn isn’t a part of that story. Is there any scenario you could imagine where you’d be a part of the film?

Mortensen: I have no idea. The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy borrowed from other sources. There were dialogue and set pieces that came from work outside of “Lord of the Rings” or took from the appendices, so you never know.


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