Viggo Mortensen Confirmed in New Zealand Again

by Jun 11, 2009The Hobbit (Movies)

Jack at The Noldor Blog confirms Viggo’s presence there with a few pictures. Here’s a little bit of what he said:

After my earlier entry regarding a sighting of Viggo, I came across some more info. Yesterday I picked up a copy of a free local newspaper, the Capital Times, which had a photo of Viggo on the cover, with the rather gaudy headline “Here Viggo Again” (puh-lease!).

The interview adds absolutely NOTHING to my store of knowledge, except that Viggo likes Old Gold chocolate, which was actually already mentioned in the Saturday May 30th Dominion Post’s Indulgence supplement interview, a much better read. (NB – The Dominion Post headlines the article “Good Fella”, which is pretty bad as well, but the subscript on the sidebar was “Hobbit Forming”, which is just as sad. Do we really need ALL the headlines to be bad puns?). I won’t scan it here unless there’s call for it? Tell you what – if I get three signed requests, I’ll consider it.

Be sure to check out this entire article… and browse the rest of  Jack’s blog–plenty of good on-the-scene info from a New Zealand Lord of the Rings Tour Guid!


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