The Hobbit to Start Filming on Monday

by Mar 19, 2011The Hobbit (Movies) is reporting that principal filming on The Hobbit is set to begin this Monday.  Here’s the most important quote from Matt Dravitski, Peter Jackson’s assistant at Wingnut Films:

“We are very excited to be starting production. We will be shooting right through this year and into 2012. We will be filming in our studios in Miramar, Wellington, and in locations throughout New Zealand, but I can’t reveal those at the moment.”

I can’t help but think that the whole process leading up to the start of filming has been pretty quiet on the marketing front.  Before LOTR started filming, updates were fast and furious, pre-release images were published, and the studio was in direct contact with many fan sites (including this one).  Perhaps the long hard road to making The Hobbit has made the marketers gunshy, or maybe we’ll really start seeing more and more official news, info, and answers after Monday.


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