The Hobbit: Summary & Speculation

by Dec 28, 2007The Hobbit (Movies)

If you’ve been reading TORC’s front page news for some time now, you’re probably well aware that Kristin Thompson has been following the Hobbit situation very closely over the past year.

In her latest blog entry “The Hobbit breakthrough and where we stand“, Kristin Thompson wraps up the events of 2006 – 2007 with “one epic post“.

She begins…

By now everyone knows that New Line Cinema has settled out of court in the lawsuit Peter Jackson brought against it. The announcement of that settlement included the news that Jackson will produce The Hobbit.

Since then bits and pieces of additional information have surfaced in the news coverage, as reporters have contacted the main people involved for comments. I haven’t seen any source that pulls all that information together for a complete summary of what we currently know about the situation, so I’ll try to do that here, in one epic post. As always, I’m basing this on publicly available sources and my general knowledge of the background of the franchise as a whole.

The article begins with a look at The Press Release, includes interesting Additional Information drawn from various interviews with New Line, MGM and Peter Jackson over the past few months (when things seemed to be looking up). Kristin also takes a look at Who Might Direct these movies, What The Sequel Might Look Like, and wraps up her coverage of the entire Hobbit situation over the past year.

A very interesting read overall, if I do say so myself.


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