The Hobbit Set Report #3

by Nov 14, 2011The Hobbit (Movies)

Martin Freeman (Bilbo) and Peter Jackson in HobbitonMartin Freeman (Bilbo) and Peter Jackson in HobbitonQuint from AICN has posted his third report from the set of The Hobbit.  I love how he gets into the details of Hobbiton, pointing out how they’re working to make Hobbiton a permanent fixture in New Zealand. Here’s an excerpt:

Forty-Four Hobbit holes were built to be permanent, with retaining walls, waterproofed roofs, etc. The stone bridge was constructed with a steel superstructure covered with real stone cladding. The Green Dragon is the most impressive of them all because it was built with a functioning fireplace, plumbing, water pipes and the works.

Hennah said the plans were to actually turn The Green Dragon into a real, working pub, but that’s all on the landowners at this point, I believe. I can picture many a geek wedding happening in Matamata, vows under the Party Tree and reception at The Green Dragon. Ah, geek love!

Hobbiton and Bag EndHobbiton and Bag EndThere’s an excitement in his voice as he shouts out that he’s going on an adventure, which is a slight change from the Bilbo in the book who is more chuffed about being forced out of his hobbit hole. That Bilbo is still in the film, especially in the first scene where Gandalf asks him to join up on the quest.

However, Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens have taken the little acorn of Bilbo being an adventurous child from Tolkien’s novel, having a little bit of Bullroarer Took’s blood in his veins, and seem to have injected some of that young adventurer deep inside the otherwise content hobbit.

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