The Hobbit is Released at Midnight Tonight!

by Dec 13, 2012The Hobbit (Movies)

Bilbo Baggins in The HobbitBilbo Baggins in The HobbitAfter a couple of years of waiting, watching, hoping, sweating, and wishing, we will all have the opportunity to see The Hobbit this weekend! I’m certainly excited, but that excitement is peppered with a bit of reserve.  How will a film based on just the first 100 pages in The Hobbit translate to the big screen?  Will it feel forced?  Will it feel like it drags on?  I’ve been avoiding reviews on purpose so I can go and see the film without pre-judging it based on someone else’s opinion… My virgin attitude will only be tainted by the knowledge that it’s 48 FPS, and I’m pretty sure I won’t like that.

After seeing the film (I’ll be at the midnight screening at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood!), let us know what you think by heading over to our messageboards and posting your own review!



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