The Complete List of (Hobbit) Film Changes

by Dec 6, 2012The Hobbit (Movies)

During the production of The Lord of the Rings movies over a decade ago, AncalagonTheBlack compiled a running list of changes that Peter Jackson was reportedly making to the characters and stories in adapting Tolkien’s works to film. His purpose was to separate documented fact from reported rumor, and to better understand both why the screenwriters were making these changes and how those changes deviated from the overall mythology that Tolkien had written.

The Complete List of Film Changes became a very popular internet resource for Tolkien fans, and we have given it a permanent home here at TORC.

With the first Hobbit movie about to be released, Ancalagon has updated the The List to include the changes being made in adapting The Hobbit.

You may access the List from the Film Changes drop-down menu above, or by clicking on this link:  The Complete List of Film Changes.


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