Ted Nasmith Art Auction

by Apr 26, 2011The Hobbit (Movies)

Famed Tolkien illustrator, Ted Nasmith is currently auctioning two original Tolkien inspired works in aid of medical and therapeutic expenses for a close family member with a debilitating illness. Ted Nasmith is well known for his wonderful illustrations of Tolkien’s works, including the fully illustrated Silmarillion, JRR Tolkien calendars, many of Tolkien’s books including Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

The two items being auctioned are Tom Bombadil and the River Daughter,

Tom Bombadil and The River DaughterTom Bombadil and The River Daughter

Both are original gouache paintings, framed and signed by the artist and can be shipped world wide. They would make a fitting addition to any Tolkien fans’ collection.


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