Royd Tolkien backs Peter Jackson for The Hobbit

by Dec 13, 2006The Hobbit (Movies)

J.R.R. Tolkien’s great-grandson Royd Tolkien (who had a cameo in The Return of the King as a Ranger in Osgiliath) has let everyone know exactly what he thinks about the prospect of someone else other than Peter Jackson directing The Hobbit. Here’s an excerpt:

Before the films were made i held massive reservations and fears that JRRT and LOTR would be used as merely a tool in producing revenue and ultimately a substandard film. But it’s different now, and it’s different because of Peter.

3 weeks ago those feelings returned. Without him, and without question, The Hobbit will become what i feared LOTR was to become.

To find a new director after the time and dedication Peter and all his people put in would not just be wrong, it would also be a bad decision.

Whilst i don’t know the inner relationship between New Line and Peter, what i do know is that they backed him, all those years ago, to produce LOTR. For that part and many more they played, i’m forever grateful.

When i saw the end result on screen, knowing that everyone had played a part in putting it there; and were all united in putting it there; it made me smile. I’m sorry but has everyone forgot those simple smiles. Isn’t that what making films is all about.

If Peter hadn’t made LOTR with the respect he showed to my Great Grandfather, i’d not have felt compelled to voice my opinion.

There’s a definitive consensus that Peter Jackson should direct The Hobbit. If you question that, just take a look at our petitions… the one supporting Peter Jackson has an amazing amount of signatures compared to the other.


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