Peter Jackson to Visit Comic-Con

by Jun 5, 2009The Hobbit (Movies)

Peter JacksonPeter JacksonPeter Jackson, the erstwhile director of The Lord of the Rings films, and the current writer and producer of the two Hobbit films, will be making his first ever appearance this July 27th at Comic-Con!

This appearance will be in support of his film, District 9, and not The Hobbit, per se, but you can certainly expect a few tidbits of good info on the important films to be dropped (sure seems like a good place to announce the casting of Bilbo Baggins, doesn’t it?). 

He’ll be there on July 27th in the big ol’ Hall H, the auditorium that seats 6500 fans.  If you’re going, get your seat early–Comic-Con is expecting 140,000 total visitors!

(All tickets for Comic-Con are completely sold out, though… so unless you can be smuggled in under your best friend’s oversize trenchcoat, you’re fresh outta luck…)


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