Peter Jackson Shooting The Hobbit at 48 Frames Per Second

by Apr 12, 2011The Hobbit (Movies)

In his first actual post to his Facebook page, Peter Jackson waxes eloquent about the rather significant decision to shoot The Hobbit at 48 frames per second–double the 24 frames per second we’ve all grown up with in the cinema for the last 90 years.  Here are a few choice excerpts:

On the quality:

It looks much more lifelike, and it is much easier to watch, especially in 3-D. We’ve been watching HOBBIT tests and dailies at 48 fps now for several months, and we often sit through two hours worth of footage without getting any eye strain from the 3-D.  It looks great, and we’ve actually become used to it now, to the point that other film experiences look a little primitive.

On evangelizing the new film quality:

Film purists will criticize the lack of blur and strobing artifacts, but all of our crew–many of whom are film purists–are now converts.  You get used to this new look very quickly and it becomes a much more lifelike and comfortable viewing experience.  It’s similar to the moment when vinyl records were supplanted by digital CDs.  There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re heading towards movies being shot and projected at higher frame rates.

Go ahead and read his entire post here!


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