Next Hobbit Film Will Have More Story Depth

by Dec 27, 2012The Hobbit (Movies)

Gandalf and Thorin have an argument.Gandalf and Thorin have an argument.Vulture talked to Hobbit screenwriter Phillippa Boyens recently and found out some interesting information about how we’ll see details of the story fleshed out in the second film.

Ultimately, it really looks like much of the next two films will focus on connecting The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings — in particular setting up the battle at Dol Guldur as a major connective event.  Here’s what was said:

“Good storytelling-spotting!” Boyens said, when we asked why we didn’t see Thráin, father of Dwarf leader Thorin Oakenshield and one of the bearers of a Ring of Power, give Gandalf the map and key. (Gandalf had found Thráin near death at Dol Guldur.) “We did try it at the front of this movie, and then we moved it,” she said. Does that mean we’ll see that moment in a flashback or prologue to The Desolation of Smaug? “Yes, it’s very important that we’re going to be doing that. We will be meeting Thráin, and it may be in unfortunate circumstances. It may involve torture. The discovery of who or what is in Dol Guldur” — i.e., Sauron, known only at this point as the Necromancer — “is a fantastic part of the storytelling, so yes, of course we went there.”

“There’s a lot of potential, isn’t there?” Jackson teased. “You never know what we’ve already filmed as well. But there’s certainly a lot of great material, and we’ll make good use of it.” Jackson said he’s just finished editing The Desolation of Smaug (“We’ve shot it, we’ve cut it, and we just need to refine it”) and anticipates a trailer by the middle of next year. There and Back Again has some more writing and shooting ahead, including the Battle of the Five Armies scene. “I don’t want to do any [more] spoilers,” he said, “so you’re going to have to wait for another year or two!”

So… good idea? Bad idea?  Looks like these films are affording Peter Jackson quite the artistic license…


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