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by Jul 21, 2009The Hobbit (Movies) has quick overview of what’s going on in the rebuilding of Hobbiton:

The hobbit holes of Matamata are coming to life again.

The farmer’s paddock made famous as Hobbiton in the Lord of the Rings movies is being resurrected for two The Hobbit prequel films.

The Waikato set was stripped in 2002 except for the frames of 17 hobbit holes underground houses for the fictional creatures.

But now fruit trees are being planted, hedgerows are being groomed and new hillocks are being marked off as the sites of more hobbit homes.

Earthworks have also started to clear a road where the wizard Gandalf and hobbit Frodo Baggins rode into the Shire on a wagon.

Red Carpet Tours owner Vic James estimated about a dozen people were working on the new site. “They’ve started off by planting and then they’ll move on to building the sets.”

The work had begun a few weeks ago, but tours of the area were still going ahead, he said.

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