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by Jul 21, 2009The Hobbit (Movies)

Here are some more photos of the rebuilding of the Hobbiton set from a New Zealand paper… click the thumbnails to check ’em out, and you can read the accompanying article below:

Hobbiton Ready to RollHobbiton Ready to RollThe first pictures of the film set depicting Matamata’s home of Hobbits are emerging as construction begins on the $475 million Hobbit movie.

The world famous Hobbiton set used in the Lord of the Rings films is being rejuvenated with earthworks and hedgerows springing up on the Buckland Rd Alexander farm.

Hobbit Movie Set and Farm Tours managing director Russell Alexander said he did not know when shooting would begin at the set.

“At this stage it’s business as usual,” he said about the possible impact of the construction and filming on the tour business. However he said he was excited by the benefits the shooting would have for Matamata.

Last Friday the movie set-turned-tourist-attraction was once again dotted with workers in reflector jackets, piles of dirt and mysterious square holes.

Bulldozers and spades were hard at work on the hillside.

While a Hobbiton tour guide gave snap-happy tourists a run-down of how the original set was constructed, a team of workers guided the bulldozer through laying a hedge line.

New Hobbiton Starts to Take ShapeNew Hobbiton Starts to Take ShapeThe guide pointed at one of the neatly dug squares and joked that it could be the makings of a hobbit swimming pool

Halfway down the road leading to the set, workers were sitting around having lunch under a large marquee.

The hillside has been dug up but as yet there is no clue as to what part of Hobbiton is being constructed there.

The Hobbit story will be told in two films shot back-to-back around New Zealand next year with a budget of $474 million. Fantasy director Guillermo del Toro will helm the shoot and shares writing duties with Rings director Peter Jackson.

The original Rings shoot proved a financial boon for Matamata during shooting and after when the tourist business was set up.


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