Martin Freeman Confident in his Role in The Hobbit

by Feb 17, 2011The Hobbit (Movies)

Martin FreemanMartin FreemanWhile The Hobbit has certainly seen more than its share of trials and tribulations in being brought to the big screen, it doesn’t phase Martin Freeman, the actor playing Bilbo Baggins.  In a recent interview he commented about the seemingly cursed production so far:

“I’m not [worried about the curse]. There are some bits of bad luck to do with it, I guess, that are almost comical, I suppose. But we’re all very optimistic about it. We’re all ready to go, just as soon as 2015 rolls around. We will be there and ready.”

And regarding his responsibility in re-establishing the role Ian Holm crafted well in his shorter role in The Lord of the Rings:

“Obviously I’ve been looking at what he was doing. There’s a certain level, of course, at which I have to match what he was doing and then forget it as well. Without being either big-headed or falsely modest, I think I’m quite a good match for him. I mean, I’ve seen worse matches … we’ll find out.”

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