Incredible Panoramic Hobbit Poster Released

by Jul 10, 2012The Hobbit (Movies)

Entertainment Weekly has put a pretty nice panoramic photo of different scenes in The Hobbit, highlighting some pretty sweet shots we can expect to see in the flick.  Click the thumbnail below to see a larger version of it, or head over to EW to see a nice interactive version of it!

   And here are some closeups you can take a look at.

Hobbit Panorama - 1Hobbit Panorama – 1Hobbit Panorama - 2Hobbit Panorama – 2Hobbit Panorama - 3Hobbit Panorama – 3 


Hobbit Panorama - 4Hobbit Panorama – 4Hobbit Panorama - 5Hobbit Panorama – 5Hobbit Panorama - 6Hobbit Panorama – 6

Hobbit Panorama - 7Hobbit Panorama – 7Hobbit Panorama - 8Hobbit Panorama – 8Hobbit Panorama - 9Hobbit Panorama – 9


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