Ian McKellen Remarks on Gandalf and The Hobbit

by Jan 8, 2009The Hobbit (Movies)

Ian McKellen as Gandalf the GreyIan McKellen as Gandalf the GreyHitFix was at the January Television Critics Association press tour, where Ian McKellen spoke a bit on his upcoming Great Performances version of “King Lear” on PBS.  Of course, he took a moment to discuss Gandalf and a bit about the upcoming Hobbit films.  Here’s a brief excerpt:

“They often say, ‘Hi, Dumbledore,'” McKellen cracks.

“I say, ‘No, that’s Michael Gambon.’ I play the real wizard. The best wizard. Though, of course, there is confusion because Rowling has announced that Dumbledore’s gay, hasn’t she? So maybe that’s the confusion. Of course, whether Gandalf’s gay is another matter. His wife was never mentioned and he’s 7000 years old. He must have had some experience of sex.”

“Going back to Gandalf, it’d be a new script entirely. We aren’t remaking ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ We’re going to do ‘The Hobbit’ and what Gandalf has to do in that will be different line-by-line and scene-by-scene than in the trilogy,” McKellen emphasizes. “While that’s going back to the character, it’s going back to a whole new set of circumstance.”

And has he been keeping in the loop with the team developing the “Hobbit” movie?

“As much as I can, because I don’t want them to forget me,” McKellen laughs. “I was very pleased to have an invitation to dine with Guillermo Del Toro, who’s in LA at the moment, who is going to direct ‘The Hobbit,’ so he hasn’t forgotten about me.”

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