Howard Shore Hopes to Score The Hobbit

by Feb 6, 2008The Hobbit (Movies)

Howard Shore in Pittsburgh, PAHoward Shore in Pittsburgh, PAHoward Shore, the Oscar-winning composer of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, has stated in an interview with iF Magazine that he hopes to compose the score to The Hobbit.  Here’s a direct excerpt:

iF: Do you hope to be scoring THE HOBBIT for Peter?
SHORE: Yes, of course. The book is wonderful and I’ve dreamed of writing music for it.

Not exactly surprising, but encouraging for those fans who want a complete whole to Tolkien’s aural landscape on film. I’m still curious as to the details surrounding his surprisingly abrupt departure from scoring King Kong.

The entire interview with Shore discusses his favorite compositions in LOTR, and also the process of seeing the Complete Recordings to fruition.


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