Hobbiton Set Undergoing Continuous Construction

by Apr 20, 2010The Hobbit (Movies)

New Hobbiton SetNew Hobbiton SetA New Zealand paper, the Matamata Chronicle, recently had an exclusive tour of the real-world Hobbiton set that is still undergoing construction.  As we reported earlier, the set’s been undergoing construction for a while, but as reported here at Stuff.co.nz, there’s ongoing construction at the set despite the fact that the movie hasn’t even been officially greenlit. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

 Although some imagination is still required to see beyond the plastic sheets, sandbags and plywood, several new hobbit holes are clearly visible.

Many of the holes from the original Lord of the Rings set have been numbered for reconstruction. Holes destroyed after filming have been re-dug and are now being rebuilt.

Hedgerows, apple trees and pear trees have sprung up throughout the Hobbit village. An amused Mr Brodie has already caught a few tourists helping themselves to the fruit.

On the other side of the lake, trucks and diggers are busy re-creating the site for the Hobbiton mill, with construction of the stone bridge to follow.

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