Hobbit Director Del Toro Downplays 2nd Movie Speculation

by Jun 30, 2008The Hobbit (Movies)

At the Los Angeles Film Festival, Hobbit director Guillermo Del Toro downplayed the notion of an additional “companion” film to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings that would bridge the gap between the two narratives.  Here’s what he said:

“It is the only book I read at the right age: I read it at 11, and then I tried to read the trilogy after that and failed miserably. We believe there is a second movie. If there isn’t, there will not be. If we find it, we will shoot it, but by God, if we do not find it, we will not shoot it. I am anxious to shoot the book, and I’m willing and able to dedicate myself to shooting it (the second film). It is too early right now to say.

“Four books are in the domain of the copyright, and there are appendices and ideas and things that can be traced without risk, but I have to be careful not to overstep. We believe there is a way to create this film and make it interesting, but it’s too early.”

Read the entire (if brief) article.


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