Guillermo Del Toro talks about his career in a video interview

by Jul 13, 2008The Hobbit (Movies)

Guillermo Del Toro via Rotten TomatoesGuillermo Del Toro via Rotten TomatoesOn July 10, 2008, Rotten Tomatoes published a video interview featuring director Guillermo Del Toro, in which he discusses such subjects as the completion of his latest film Hellboy II, projects he’s turned down over the years, and his love of idiosyncrasy. He also discusses the upcoming, widely anticpated film adaptation of The Hobbit (which he has taken the directorial reins of). These include but are not limited to his feelings about the importance of Bilbo’s character, the coarsness of dwarves, and the so-called “bridge film,” of which he says:

“We think we know how to approach it, and I think it’s uh, what I can say is, I’ll only do it if it works.”

Here are what some of the members of our Forums here had to say after viewing the interview:


I at first was doubtful, then I saw Pan’s and Hellboy, and now I believe he can do just a good a job as anyone. I am getting more and more excited to see what he can do with Tolkien.”


“The interview does make me hopeful. That Del Toro’s not trying to make the Ring consistent with the other movies is a relief. Still, while he mentions ‘innocent,’ I don’t remember him ever saying the movie was meant for children, so a significant change of tone seems likely.

A little trouble about the dwarves being called ‘coarse’ too. A troop of movie Gimlis might have me cheering for Smaug . . . If, however, ‘coarse’ means ‘weathered’ that would be far more palatable (and even accurate).”

To watch the video for yourself click on the following link: Guillermo del Toro: RT’s Dinner and the Movies Interview.

If you would like to jump into our discussion: July 11: New Interview with Del Toro Reveals Alot


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