Green Dragon Inn Opens for Business

by Dec 12, 2012The Hobbit (Movies)

The Green DragonThe Green DragonThe very same inn where Bilbo met up with Thorin & Company before setting off on their quest, Merry and Pippin danced on the tabletops, and Sam Gamgee fell in love with Rosie Cotton is now serving visitors to the Hobbiton set near Matamata, New Zealand.

Originally built for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films and upgraded with plumbing, a functional fireplace, and “authentic” interiors for the prop films, this pub is the latest addition to the Hobbiton filming site for tourists seeking the sights (and sips) of Middle-Earth.  The pub offers exclusive drinks on tap including two beers, a cider, and ginger beer.

According to the proprietors, it is “a place to drink, a place to meet, a place to rest your hairy feet.”

You can learn more by visiting The Daily News Online.


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