Exclusive Video of Peter Jackson Discussing The Hobbit

by Jul 24, 2009The Hobbit (Movies)

Peter Jackson at Comic Con 2009Peter Jackson at Comic Con 2009I spent most of the day at Comic Con in the company of 6500 other fans, sitting in the enormous “Hall H”.  Once in the hall, there’s really no need to leave–all the big news tends to happen in here…

The best part–for us Tolkien fans–was being able to see Peter Jackson discuss The Hobbit and how things are proceeding with that project.  Here’s the video with Peter Jackson giving us a great rundown on EXACTLY where things stand.  I’ve posted a few quick bullet points of info below the video too:

  • 3-4 weeks away from completion of 1st draft of script
  • Once the studio receives the script, it will need to be green lit before official casting begins
  • Thus, there have been no casting decisions at all yet, whatsoever
  • Definitely will be 2 movies with additional/expanded scenes based on Tolkien’s work after The Hobbit to make it fuller and more epic




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