Del Toro Says He “Gravitates” Toward Hobbit

by Jun 25, 2008The Hobbit (Movies)

Guillermo Del ToroGuillermo Del ToroGuillermo del Toro spoke to SCI FI Wire about his decision to direct the Hobbit films, and how that’s impacted him recently. Interestingly, he said he’ll be putting all of his other projects on hold for now.  Here are the direct quotes:

“I’m trying to be faithful. Like, when I was trying to create a screenplay about Tarzan and people asked me, ‘Is it going to be horror?’ I said, ‘No, no, no.’ The thing is, I’m trying to re-create on the screen the feeling I had when I was 11 in my bed reading the book. How excited I got. How great I thought it was. That’s what I’m trying to honor.

“I’m not trying to honor either my style or what I’m gravitating normally towards. I know that for a fact I gravitated towards the novel. So there’s something there that echoes with me very strongly, which is not the case with most fantasy, in my case.

“We’ve had chats where we sketch out what we think of the two movies, but there’s no writing. There is note-taking, there is breaking down the novel, there is a lot of work already being done on our parts, but real preproduction will not start until late July.

“The news came very joyously during the post-production of Hellboy II. But at the same time, it was the most miraculous and beautiful monkey wrench in a lot of things that we were planning, both in life plans that I have to put to bed from now until December in order to become celibate and dedicate my entire energy to The Hobbit.”

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