Bilbo Rumoured to be Doctor Who’s David Tennant

by Jul 17, 2009The Hobbit (Movies)

David Tennant - Bilbo Baggins?David Tennant – Bilbo Baggins?Various news sources (LA Times, UK Telegraph, and others) have floated the idea that Tennant might be making the trip to San Diego for Comic-Con to announce that he will indeed be Bilbo Baggins.

Here’s how the logic goes:

1. Peter Jackson will be at Comic-Con promoting District 9
2. Guillermo Del Toro will also be at Comic-Con.
3. A number of weeks ago, Del Toro commented that casting announcements might be made within the next few weeks.
4. David Tennant will be going to Comic-Con for the first time ever to promote Doctor Who–which is very odd since he’s announced he’s leaving the show and will only be in 4 more episodes.

It’s all speculation, but I could certainly see this announcement being made.  With a bit of a resemblance to Billy Boyd (in my opinion) Tennant has a bit of that Hobbit-ish look that Jackson seems to like.

I’ll be at Comic-Con next week, so be sure to follow TORC’s Twitter feed–I’ll be tweeting any news as soon as it’s made!


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