Aragorn In ‘The Hobbit’?

by Nov 11, 2009The Hobbit (Movies)

In a past article, we discussed the possibility of Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson) returning to Middle Earth. In a recent interview with Movie Web, Mortenson discussed his possible return: (full article click here)

We had the opportunity to speak with Viggo Mortenson, the actor who portrayed Aragorn/Strider in the film, this weekend while he was promoting his new movie The Road. We asked Mortenson if he would be interested in returning to his role in The Hobbit, if the filmmakers were able to find away to include his character. The actor stated that he had a lot of fun making the first three films and would love to return for more. He went on to say that his understanding was that the filmmakers are trying to find a way to incorporate many of the actors from the first trilogy, even some who’s characters do not appear in the actual novel, into the new films. He also stated how much he loved working with the original cast and crew, how much he loved shooting in New Zealand and how much he would really enjoy returning one more time.

The fact that the filmmakers are trying to incorporate much of the old team is something we should take as a good omen, for not only does it give us the possibility of appendices being brought to life on the big screen, but it also bears well for the movie’s success at the box office — the general public would be more likely to go see a film that contains heroes they already know and love so much. 

Here’s hoping!


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