20 Questions with Peter Jackson – Submit Yours!

by May 3, 2011The Hobbit (Movies)

Peter Jackson is definitely making good use of his facebook page… here’s his latest post:

It seems like a lifetime ago now, but way back at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings, I agreed to answer 20 questions sent into the Ain’t It Cool website. Harry Knowles sorted through them and gave me his pick, which I did my best to answer, even though we were in the very early pre-production stage.

I thought you might like to do the same thing again with The Hobbit, using this Facebook page. So let’s get into it … if there’s anything you’d like to know about the movies we’re making, please send me questions (on this page) and we’ll start answering 20 of them. Who knows – if we have fun, why stop at 20?

Let’s get it underway. Over to you …

Peter J

As I write this, there are already nearly 2000 comments… yowza.  I’d hate to be the one filtering all the questions!

And for those of nostalgic LOTR fans, here’s a place to view the original 20 questions for the Lord of the Rings.


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