The 2004 White Council Awards – Nomination Process Press conference

by Sep 20, 2004News

Tap…tap…tap “Is this thing on?….Yeah…OK.

Today we announce the official opening of the 2004 White Council Awards Nomination Process. There are some changes from last year and to explain them we now give you the executive producer and this year’s Master of Ceremonies for the awards show, The Warrior/Bard Erinhue of Belfalas.

“Hail and Hiya Everyone. Yes it is that time of year once again when the entire TORC community turns out to nominate its best and brightest for that most prestigious, most coveted, that most celebrated of awards, The White Council Awards. I am most honored to have been given this chance to try and fill the space `though I could never take the place of the past host and illustrious founder of the WCA’s the one the only CrispyCreme.

Last year saw the introduction of forum specific awards. This year that innovation will be taken one step further. In the interests of our main goal, that of including ALL of TORC’s forum communities there will be one main nomination list posted in TALK and several mini ballots posted in the other major forums Here’s how it works

Any member of TORC is permitted to nominate ANY other member of TORC for ANY AWARD. You do not have to know or be a poster in any particular forum to nominate in an award category listed under that forum. In other words you do not have to post in Books to nominate someone for say the JRRT Medalion. We realize that LOTR scholars can be found in any forum, but the award itself is most fitting for the Books forum.

The mini ballots posted in the forums will include the award categories appliciable to All of TORC in general in addition to the award categories that are most fitting for that particuar fourm For example the mini ballot in Movies will contain the General TORC awards and awards like the Compass Thread Award which is listed under the Movies heading on the main ballot.

The Nomination portion of the voting process will close at midnight (TORC time) Friday October 1, 1004

We want to emphasize that ALL categories can be found on the ballot posted in the Talk forum and links to that list will be provided with all the mini ballots. No one is barred from voting WHERE OR HOW they wish. This method was devised to permit participation by posters who rarely venture out of their favored fora. We want all of TORC represented. We want all of TORC to be acknowledged. Our goal is inclusion.

I realize that change takes adjustment and to assist you we have a wonderful staff of volunteers dedicated to making this one of the very best experiences in the history of the White Council Awards. The committee, The WCA Dream Team if you will, will be displaying a special symbol in their sig pic so that you can easily identify them. Stop them anywhere and ask any questions you might have about the nomination process. Any and all of us will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions.

And now without further ado, I take great pleasure in introducing the 2004 White Council Awards Committee The WCA Dream, Team : Elengil, Eluchil, Erinhue, Gwen Elf, Impenitent, Lady Galadriel 786, Laureanna, Luthienelflover, SilverScribe, and Teltasarwen..

It our hope to present you with one bang-a-rang awards show come November 19-20, 2004


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