Rings on Shore footing for stage success

by May 26, 2004News

Between film and opera commitments, composer Howard Shore finds time for a concert tour of his score of The Lord of the Rings, writes Garry Maddox.

The composer Howard Shore has no doubt about it: the film director Peter Jackson should follow the Lord of the Rings trilogy with The Hobbit.

“We’d all love to do it,” says the three-time Oscar winner. “I know Peter wants to do it.”

The encouraging news for countless Lord of the Rings fans around the world is that Shore thinks the rights dispute over The Hobbit will be resolved so that Jackson can take another journey to Middle Earth after his remake of King Kong. “I’ve got my fingers crossed that in the next few years it will see the light of day.”

But there are a few other commitments first for Shore, including the score



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