Win With Your Best Signature Picture! – No Premiere Membership Necessary

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Tolkien Online (affectionately known as “TORC”)  is Five Years Old!

Congratulations, celebrations and jubilation are in order!

As a thank you to everyone who is part of Tolkien Online and to mark the festivities, we’re holding a contest for:

The Best Signature Picture!


Select what you consider to be your best signature picture (What is a Signature Picture?  It’s that image beneath a premiere users post in our messageboard) and submit it to (just click on the “Submit My Picture” link!).

  • This competition is open to every registered member in good standing at  A Premier Membership is not necessary.

  • It’s probably a good idea to include a title (aka caption) to your picture.  This could also be embedded within the picture itself.

  • Submit your choice, one entry per person. Multiple entries will disqualify the member.

  • The pictures must be no larger than 30kb and no taller or wider than 400 pixels on a side (this is the same size as the photos submitted by those with premier memberships).

Please note that the Terms of Service ( apply to these entries and the administrators reserve the right to refuse unsuitable or inappropriate material.

The last date to submit your entry is: May 5th, 2004
Winners will be announced on: May 10th, 2004


A panel of judges selected from TORC members and moderators will be judging them based on originality, artistic merit, humor and design.


The Tolkien Online PinThe Tolkien Online PinFirst place – One winner – One year premiere membership ($60) AND a Viggo Mortensen-signed, double-sided theatrical poster of Hidalgo 
Second place – Two winners – Six month premiere membership ($30 each)
Third place – Four winners – Three month premiere membership ($15 each)
Fourth place – Twelve winners – One month premiere membership ($5 each)

Each winner will also receive a TORC Logo Pin (shown here at right)

*NOTE: If you’re already a premiere member, we start your free months on June 1, 2004.

If you have any questions you can contact the contest organizers at


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