Win the Beyond Narnia DVD… and lots more!

by Mar 30, 2006Other News

Our sister site, The Stone Table is hosting a contest where you can win a bunch of great Narnia stuff, including the brand new Beyond Narnia DVD. Here’s what they’re saying:

The all new DVD Beyond Narnia (more info from Amazon) is being released Tuesday, March 28th, and we’re giving away 10 DVDs to celebrate it’s arrival… but there’s a whole lot more too! We have a 10 Beyond Narnia DVDs, 10 one-year subscriptions to Sacred History Magazine, 4 free movie tickets (good at almost any theatre in the US), 2 Music Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia CDs, a copy of the book A Reader’s Guide Through the Wardrobe (more info from Amazon), and one pretty dang cool Narnia beanie!

Click here to read all about the contest!


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