Why You Shouldn’t Daydream In Gym Class – the sequel to ‘Why You Shouldn’t Daydream In Algebra’

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Author’s Note: Hey everyone! Here is the exciting sequel to: Why You Shouldn’t Daydream In Algebra. Now, unlike the first one, this one is not based on a true life experience of mine. But you know this very well could happen to you or me!! And just some FYI, a few names and facts have been changed to protect me from anyone who goes to my school, reads this and wants to beat me up. I hope you enjoy!!

“Why You Shouldn’t Daydream In Gym Class”

“Ughh…,” I groaned to my friend Jessica as we got off the bus and headed into school, “I have gym first period and we’re playing dodge ball!”
“Yah, we’re doing that now in our gym class, too!” Jessica complained, “I hate it cuz the boys throw so hard!”
“Yep. I know. They’re always so aggressive! Why are they like that??”
Jessica shrugged, “Dunno!”

We both went our separate ways after that. See, Jessica is in Junior High and I’m in High School, so our classes are obviously different and separated, so I usually don’t see her during the day.
I headed off to the freshmen hallway. I spotted my friend Abbie pulling stuff out of her locker.

“Hey, Gabby!” I said using one of the many nicknames my friends and I have given her.
“Hey, Sarah,” she said as she picked up her heavy stack of books, “Will you walk with me?”
“Ya, hold on a sec.” I twirled the combination for my locker and popped it open. After sticking my stuff inside, I grabbed my purse and we headed down the now-becoming-crowded hallway.
I talked to Abbie for a few minutes, before we had to go different ways – she had history and as you know, I had gym.

I found Brittany and Sarah (I have a ton of friends with the same name as me!) already in the locker room when I got there.
“Hey, guys!” I smiled at them.
“Hi, Lizzie!” Brittany said. She called me by my middle name (which is actually Elizabeth – Lizzie for short) so she could keep me and the other Sarah straight.
“Hi, Sarah!” Sarah said, smiling at me.

After getting dressed, we had to report to the gym. We got into our team lines, Ms. Williams took attendance, and then we ran for two minutes. Ms. Williams says it’s to ‘wake us up’ in the morning. I think it’s because she likes seeing a bunch of kids suffering at 8 a.m. Anyway, after that we did our stretches, like we always do before we start a game. Oh, I forgot. We also had to run SOME MORE before we started the game. Man, I don’t get teachers. I mean, what is up with this – all the gym teachers I’ve had are, shall we say, overweight. We never see them running for four stinkin’ minutes at 8 in the morning!! They could definitely use it more than us.
After we were done being forced to push ourselves until we keeled over, we started dodge ball. At least, we almost did.
We all lined up shortest to tallest (me shortest of course), and we counted off. And right as we’re getting into our teams, do you know what comes bursting through one of the gym doors? An Oliphant!! Which was followed closely by Eowyn and Merry riding horseback. Within a few seconds, orcs and men had streamed into our gym. Only then it wasn’t our gym anymore…it was The Pelennor Fields!

Chaos broke out. Arrows shot all around us as swords clanged. We ran for cover, but there wasn’t really any. Rocks being flung from who knows where, lunged for my head. I ducked, dodged, and jumped over them, the best I could, but suddenly one nailed me square in my right temple. I fell to the ground in pain. I lay there, afraid I would be trampled or stabbed to death when suddenly I was scooped up off the hard floor. Merry and Eowyn had grabbed me and hefted my crippled frame onto their horse!

“Are you alright?” Eowyn asked me.
“I think so…,” I answered bewildered.
“Well, don’t worry,” Merry told me, “We’ll get you to safety as soon as we can!”

I sat groggily trying to stay balanced on our steed. I had never ridden a horse before or shared one with two other riders while I tried to battle pain burning up my head, so it was a real challenge.

We rode on, charging under Oliphants, and Eowyn slaying them as Merry tried to steer our horse. I tried the best I could to help him, but I ended up not doing much. Because of the tight pull I had given the reigns, the horse skidded side first into the ground as we were all lunged down with it.
Now my leg was being crushed under the horse and my head had taken another hard knock. I looked around and found Merry’s small body laying still next to mine. I pulled my leg out from under the horse and crawled to him.

“Merry,” I said taking his head in my hands, “Are you ok?”

If Merry was going to answer, he didn’t get the chance, because suddenly a high pitched scream shook the air. It was so high and loud it hurt my ears to listen to it. I tried to cover them, but the sound still got through. I looked up and saw a Nazgul flying straight toward me and Merry. I lay stock still hoping it would take us as dead and move on. When it flew over us I sighed with relief, thinking all would be ok now. It wasn’t.
I suddenly heard another scream…a different one. I turned my head and spotted one of those nasty Nazgul and it’s Fell Beast attacking Eowyn and King Theoden. I looked on, motionless, not knowing what to do or how to help. I watched as the Wraith ended up breaking Eowyn’s arm, and saying how no man could ever kill him. And of course you all know how Eowyn so defiantly states, “I am no man!!”
At this, Merry woke up and spotted what was going on. He leapt up, grabbed his sword, and charged at the King of the Nazgul. And just as the Wraith was going to finish Eowyn off, Merry stabbed him in the back, as Eowyn applied the ‘finishing touches’ to his lordship. I stood up and cheered as Eowyn and Merry collapsed to the ground in pain and relief.
And as I was running toward my friends to help and congratulate them, an ugly orc jumps out of no where and conks me in the head with a rock! Now, I was getting quite sick of being hit in the head, so I grabbed that rock back up and nailed him straight in the face. He fell to the ground, unconscious.

“See how you like it, vile servant of Sauron!” I shouted at him as I headed toward Merry and Eowyn. But before I could get there, I felt a strong hand on my arm. I spun around to find myself being stared down by Ms. Williams!

“Oh, Ms. Williams you’re alive!” I said. I was pretty amazed that she was. She kinda made a hard-to-miss target.
“Yes, I’m alive,” she said in a harsh tone, “But I don’t know about Jace!”

I looked down to see Jace knocked out, lying on the gym floor.

“What happened to him?” I asked.
“You happened to him!” Ms. Williams screamed at me, “You just nailed him in the face the hardest I’ve ever seen anyone hit someone with a rubber ball!”
“But…,” I said, “I didn’t hit him…I hit that orc…see he’s laying right..”
I pointed to where the orc was laying – or should have been laying. Jace was in his place.
“Uh…oops…,” I said.
“Yah, oops is right…I’m sure Mrs. Howard will want to hear all about your ‘oops’!”


“Sarah, this has been the second month in a row you’ve been down here in my office for daydreaming!” Mrs. Howard told me sternly, “Now this is almost getting out of hand. This time you hurt someone!”
“I’m sorry, it’s just that…,” I trailed off.
“It’s just what?”
“Oh…never mind.”


Mrs. Howard sent me on to my next class, Algebra, with a warning that if this happened again, I would be punished. Well, ya know, I just can’t help it!! I wonder if she’d get this mad at Merry…or Eowyn…or…THE KING OF THE NAZGUL!
I know she would let him slide.


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