Why You Shouldn’t Daydream In Algebra – Daydreamin’…

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Author’s Note: This is a story based on actual happenings that occured on Januray 7, 2004! Note that just a few things have been exaggerated to make the story better. Hope you enjoy!!

“Why You Shouldn’t Daydream In Algebra”

One tired Wednesday morning, I hauled myself out of bed at the sound of my annoying alarm and dragged myself into the bathroom. After getting dressed and using the potty, I went into the kitchen to get some breakfast and get ready for another ‘wonderful, exciting day’ in 9th grade. When it was finally time for the bus to come, I got on my white and blue Nikes and my winter coat, hefted my backpack on, and with a goodbye to my mom, went out the door.

Now, there are three things I hate about waiting for the bus. My brother, the temperature, and the bus driver. Now, my brother’s in 8th grade, is so smart he makes me look I should be in kindergarten, and can be very annoying when you’re standing outside in below freezing temperatures.
And Tom, the bus driver, is usually always late. I mean, you go wait outside at the time he tells you he’s going to pick you up, but does he come at a quarter till 7:00? Heck no! So you end up standing there about 5-10 extra minutes and by the time he finally gets there, you’re whole body is practically frostbitten. It’s a miracle that he even has a working heater on that big yellow unit.

Anyway, when you finally get to school, you want off this bus. I mean, for our last stop, we head into a little town called Sandy Hill (named changed to protect author). And you’d think that in this quaint little town you’d have quaint little kids. But since this world is far from perfect, the worst kids come from Sandy Hill! And even though it only takes a few minutes for the bus to get from Sandy Hill to the Highschool, you’d think you could stand them. But sadly, that’s not the case. 5 minutes with these kids and your ears have about died.

When Tom finally lets us off the bus, I run into school and straight to my locker to massage my dead ears. Once they’ve come back to life, I grab my stuff and head off to my first class – study hall. Which is followed by another fun class – more study hall. So by the time I get to third period, algebra, I’m pretty much asleep. And well, it can get pretty hard to wake up, especially when Ms. Daizy goes on and on about putting equations into Ax + By = C form.
So I’m sitting there, and sitting there. I look at my watch; I’ve only been in here for 15 minutes…grr! When will the torture end? Then suddenly, we hear a loud noise. The class is silent and we all look at Ms. Daizy.

“I wonder what that was?” she says.

We sit in silence for another minute and there it is again. Only louder. And I can tell now that what it is. The deep rumble of a drum.

“Isn’t that a drum?” Rachel M. pipes up.
“I don’t know. Band class isn’t going on right now is it?” Ms. Daizy askes us.
We all shake our heads ‘no’. Everyone knows band won’t start for another few hours. We sit there some more and it’s becoming louder and louder, and more constant.


“What can that be?” Ms. Daizy whispered. We all stare in silence when suddenly we hear the sound of many running feet pounding the floor. We all look at each other dumfounded.
And in the middle of our puzzlement someone comes charging through the door. And who can this be? Why it’s Gandalf, of course! He runs in, closely followed by Boromir. The hobbits come racing in with Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas who are followed closely behind by an ugly band of orcs and their pet cave troll. Well, one look at this scene and the whole class explodes. Desks go flying, notebooks go through the windows. The girls are screaming (except for me of course!), one of the boys is crying. Ms. Daizy is standing at the front of the room stock-still, when an arrow suddenly flies over her head and sticks into the chalk board behind her. Well, she faints. Legolas is standing on the teacher’s desk shooting arrows into the cave troll while Merry and Pippin are busy throwing anything they can get their hands onto, at it.
And as all this swirls around me, suddenly the cave troll’s dead and Frodo is stuck under my desk. Not knowing what to do, I just held my hand out to him as I duck an arrow.

“Need some help?”

He stares at me for a moment, then nods and grabs my hand. I pull him out from under our school’s cheapo desks and away to a safe spot. Atleast as safe a spot as you’re gonna find in a classroom full of orcs.

“Thank you,” he tells me with a grateful little smile. He glances over at Gandalf who’s shouting something as he runs out of the room.

“We must head for the Bridge of Khazad-Dum!”

He is followed out by Aragorn and Legolas , who are still shooting at attacking orcs. As the rest of the fellowship races out, I look back at Frodo, not sure of what to do or say. He stares at me for a moment then and grabs my arm.

“Come on.”

Well, I really didn’t know what to do. I mean, if a hobbit grabs your arm and wants to take you out of Algebra class to who knows where, wouldn’t you go? It really is probably a once in a lifetime chance. And as I’m following my new friend out of room 126, my best friend Natalie is giving me this look like ‘what the heck are you doing??’. I just smile at her and run out.

And as I’m racing down the freshman hallway towards The Bridge of Khazad-Dum, that suddenly popped up out of nowhere, I hear this roar and feel heat like fire on my back. I spin around and what am I doing then? Facing down a Balrog of Morgoth.

“Holy crap!” I scream. And I turn around and run as fast as my legs would carry me. And guess who was the first person across that bridge? Now the whole Fellowship is standing with me on the other side, that is, everyone but one. Gandalf had firmly set himself in the middle of the bridge and would not move. He started yelling stuff at the fire-breathing demon and it’s whip of fury. But then, crack!, the bridge breaks and the Balrog is bye-byes. And we all think ok, we’re gonna get out of here! But then the Balrog’s whip comes back up and wraps around Gandalf’s leg. The old wizard is sent plunging into darkness along with the fell beast.

Frodo screams, “Gandalf!!” and tries to run to his fallen friend, but is held back. I feel tears beginning to sting my eyes as someone blindly leads me away from the bridge.

Then suddenly, I hear Ms. Daizy’s voice. It isn’t welcoming and friendly as it usually is. It’s stern. And angry.

“Sarah, I’ll ask you one last time! What do we do next in this problem?”

I sit there for a second looking around the classroom. No overturned desks. No dead cave troll. No Frodo. Then I remember Gandalf.

“Gandalf!!!!!” I scream.

Everyone looks at me like I’m possessed and Ms. Daizy yells, “Sarah, I am sending you down to the Highschool office! This is ridiculous! I have no idea what has gotten into you today, but I will not tolerate this anymore!”

She stomps over to the phone, calls the principle, and pretty soon, I’m being stared down by Mrs. Howard.

“Ms. Finley,” she says, “We will not tolerate daydreaming in our school. You come here to learn, not to have crazy hallucinations!”

I nod at her, but inside my brain is screaming, “I can’t help it! I’m so bored! I need some excitement in my life, that’s all!” But I knew that definitely wouldn’t go over well with the big lady here, so I kept my mouth shut.

And pretty soon, I find myself back in Algebra a few minutes before the class ends trying to figure out how the heck you put an equation into Ax + By = C form. Maybe Frodo would know…


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