Why You Shouldn’t Daydream During A Pool Party – The third story in the ongoing saga of me and my wild brain!

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“Why You Shouldn’t Daydream During A Pool Party”

It was another hot, sticky day in the quaintly boring little state of Ohio. It was now summer break (finally), and all us Ohioans, or whatever we’re called, were trying to enjoy summer, while also trying to make it through the day and not die of dehydration. I had just got up, and after eating lunch since it’s usually around noon by the time I wake up, I got on the internet. I typed in my password and after I was connected, signed onto AIM. To my surprise, every single person on my buddy list was signed on! Usually, there’s like one person on, tops, during the summer and maybe three during the school year, so this was a natural phenomenon!
“Wo, all the planets must be aligned or something!” I mumbled to myself, staring at the screen.
Suddenly an IM window popped up; it was my best friend Natalie.
“Guess what?” she asked me in a curvy, pink text.
“Lynisa’s havin’ a pool prty! And she invited almost the whole school! Every1’s talking about it!”
“O, is THAT why every 1’s on?”
“O kool!” I responded, “Wat time does it start?”
“At 5 sharp! U better b there!”
“O don’t worry, I will! ” I promised.
“Good! Well I g2g and help plan. Come over early so u can help 2! Cya lata!”
And with that, Nat signed off. Suddenly thoughts started to race through my head. What would I wear? Well, I’d probably be wearing my swimming suit most of the time, but out of the water, I’d have to look cute…I mean, practically the whole school WAS going to be there, and that meant that *Darin* would be there. Ah, Darin. The perfection of the human race. I drool every time I think of him! He’d for sure be there…and I only had 4 and a half hours to decided what to wear!! With that, I sprung into action…


I arrived at the party half an hour early to help set up. I was looking oh-so-cute in my aqua blue tank top that read “Relax Babe” and jean capris, with pink and white flipflops. Underneath, I had on my new, black, spaghetti strap tankini. Yah, I was looking great, if I do say so myself! Laidback, and comfy, but still great!
The party was being held at Lynisa’s house because she’s so cool (lol), and she’s like the only one of my friend’s who’s parents love them enough to buy them a pool. Natalie was there already…she had been all day; her and Lynisa are cousins.
Anyway, we got busy setting up tables and chairs all over Nisa’s backyard. We put out paper plates, cups, and napkins, chips, pretzels, cake, and punch. Then we hung light, colorful streamers all over the place and decorated the pool area with Hawaiian plastic palm trees, hula dancers, and the like. Natalie popped in a Beach Boys CD and we were done! It was pretty impressive that just three of us had done so much in such a short time. If there had been sand, the place woulda looked like it was all ready for an all-night beach party!
And just as we were about to sit down and rest, the guests started to arrive! Bree, Laurin, and Abbie were the first ones there, followed by Jess, Corey, Ashley, and Emily. After that, they started coming in packs! For about another half an hour, our friends poured in from all directions.
Then finally, HE arrived. *Darin* himself! He stood surveying the backyard with his cool, grey eyes, making sure this was a party WORTHY of HIM.
“This is gonna rock,” he finally said with a wink and flashing a perfect, pearly- white smile. I almost fainted…but luckily I caught my self. Atleast he was gonna stay!
I saw him start for the pool. If he was gonna get in, so was I! I grabbed my towel and headed over to where he was…not going up to say ‘hi’ or anything, just to look. See, me and Darin aren’t exactly friends…actually he doesn’t even know I exist…but that’s beside the point! I just wanted to stare. And as I was walking,…well actually running towards the pool (I was so excited, you see), I slipped on a patch of water and fell flat on my back. It seemed to me then that everything had gotten darker. Had I blacked out? No,…I think the sun had just gone down…real fast like. And it had gotten really quiet all of a sudden. Or so it seemed.

A lone hand stuck out to help me up. I grabbed it, and felt myself being lifted off of the…ground? But I had just been laying on grass! I looked up at who the hand that had helped me belonged to and found myself staring Aragorn straight in the face!
“Are you alright, miss?” he asked me, “You seemed to just fall right out of the sky!”
“Uh, yah,” I mumbled, “Guess I did!”
I stopped to stare and look around me. I found Lynisa’s house replaced by the Door of Moria, and her swimming pool, by a shadowy lake, and all the party people, by the Fellowship!
“Blistering barnacles!” I breathed, “Here I go again!” “Where are you going?” an inquisitive Gandalf questioned.
“Huh? Oh, no where! I’m…uh…lost…” I trailed off, not knowing what to tell the old wizard.
“Well, you are welcome with us,” Legolas said with a smile. I stared in surprise; his smile was even pearlier and whiter than Darin’s!
“I’m afraid, though, that we won’t be going anywheres too soon,” Sam said sadly, “We can’t figure just how to open up this door!” He gave the moonlit door an evil stare and then stumbled on over to see to Bill the pony.
“You might as well just get some rest for now,” Aragorn advised me.
“Well, I’m not really tired,” I told him, “I’ll just stay up with all of you.”
Aragorn smiled and nodded and then went back to work with Gandalf to try to figure out the mystery of Moria. I turned to find Pippin standing by me.
“Would you like to skip some rocks?” he asked shyly, looking up at me, his eyes filled with energy just wishing to burst out any second.
“Sure!” I said and followed the young hobbit over to where Merry was standing at the waters edge already throwing rocks in. He nodded and smiled to me when I approached, and then handed me a rock. It was perfect for skipping; shaped perfectly flat. I took a shot and made three skips.
“Woo!” I said throwing my hands up in the air, “That’s a definite record for me!”
The hobbits laughed and continued to toss the stones into the inky, rippling pool. Soon though our fun was ended, when we were sternly warned not to disturb the waters. We all sat down glumly. What to do now? But we didn’t have time to think about it, for at that second, Frodo had figured out the riddle, and the old stone door was gliding open. Merry, Pippin, and I rose to our feet to join the others, when we heard a cry. Looking over in horror, we saw poor Frodo being dragged in by a monstrous beast!
“Dang it!” I muttered under my breath, “I forgot that that was gonna happen!”
I ran over to Merry and Pippin and tried to help them grab Frodo. We beat on the monster’s tentacle as hard as we could, but it pulled Frodo in to itself. Suddenly, I heard my name shouted. I whirled around to see who had called. No one. They were all fighting, trying to save the ring bearer. Then I heard my name again. It sounded like…Natalie… calling to me. But just then a slimy tentacle wrapped around me and started pulling me towards the water.
“No!” I screamed and started kicking, hitting, and biting as hard as I could. It seemed to be working, I had the tentacle weak. And just as I had got an arm free to throw a finishing punch, someone grabbed my wrist. I looked up into Natalie’s angry face.
“Huh?” I asked, baffled.
“Stop it!!” she screamed, bits of spit flying from her mouth. I looked around to see why she would be yelling. Something big must have happened because the whole party was standing in a circle around me, looks of terror on every persons’ face. I looked down and under me lay Darin! I had him in a head lock, and Natalie held my arm, ready to sock him.
“Oh my!” I said as I got up quickly.
“Sarah!” Lynisa said as she stepped forward in a storm, “How could you do this? First you start throwing ROCKS at the guy, now you beat him up!! You have SO ruined my party.”
“Oh,” I said as I stood in a shock, “Uh,…my bad??” I tried a oops-I-didn’t-mean-to-grin but that didn’t work.
“LEAVE!” everyone screamed at me in unison.

I started to leave, but stopped and turned back around. Nat and Nisa were helping Darin to his feet. When he spotted me, I swear, he flared his nostrils, the beast! And the thing was, he looked so funny, all beat up, missing his two front pearls, that I busted up laughing. And ya, that got me an extra few weeks without anyone talking to me, but it was worth it. I’m just glad that I know now that with headgear like that, Darin will never be Legolas. Know what I mean?

Author’s note: I really hope you guys like my third in this on-going saga! This one is a bit different and I don’t personally think it’s as good as the two before (I kinda stopped writing for awhile, and this is my first story for about 4 months, so that’s why!), but I’ll leave it up to all of you to see what you have to say about it! Hopefully nothing too bad…just promise not to throw any rotten tomatoes, ok? Thanks!
…oh ya, and just for the record, none of this story is true at all! Made it up off the top of me head THIS time!


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