“Why Fan Fiction Writing Should Be Banned” – ~A totally serious essay by a fictional character

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“Why Fan Fiction Writing Should Be Banned”
~A totally serious essay by a fictional character

A lot of people think that fan fiction — especially that under Tolkien, Rawlings and Applegate is all fun and games. Well let me tell you this: it’s not. At least, not for the characters.

You see, any time someone writes fan fiction, all they are doing is making innocent people do things through their words, or spying on people’s lives.

Frankly, it’s none of any of your business what my life is like. But do I have a choice about that? No!

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you what’s going on. My name is Lea, and some fan fiction writer has been messing with my life. It was bad enough learning that I had a hobbit to deal with, without some know-it-all taking my life — my life! — and putting it in a story as if it were fan fiction.

You may have read the story, it’s under the name “Frolijah.” I think it should be called: “The horrible way in which some author spied on my life and wrote about it without my consent” but I don’t really think many people would go for that name.

I used to be just a normal person. I was a nurse, a fan of Tolkien. I never really read fan fiction, and certainly never thought it did any harm.

But then I found out the truth.

You see, people are affected by what they read. I know any and all of you out there who are reading this now are probably thinking it’s a joke, and are going to go away and laugh at me. I’d not be surprised, it happens a lot. In fact, that’s why I managed to write under the author’s name who stole my story — revenge, yes, but also because she seems a more reliable source than just plain me.

Or maybe not. It’s sometimes hard to tell.

But maybe, just maybe, one of you will believe me, and fight for the rights of all people — fictional or non — in the future. Remember me. Remember Lea. Remember that I am forever stuck in someone else’s story, where people laugh about me and don’t care about my feelings.

I just want to ask you all to think about this, and how you are affected by what you read. My story is true. I don’t know if it’s the only one here that is, but it’s true. So I want you to fight back against fan fiction, and stand up for the rights of fictional characters.

I don’t want to be trapped in some story, but I guess that’s the way it’s going to be for a while, unless you go up in arms and give me my rights.

Thank you for your time,
~Lea, fictional character stuck in Frolijah, and asking for help from you all.

Just think about it.


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