What’s Your Review? – The FANS Thoughts and Reactions

by Dec 20, 2001Other News

I’ve been getting dozens and dozens of emails about your thoughts on the film, everything from a single word to a full doctoral thesis! Many of them are quite good, and incredibly interesting to read. So, instead of posting more reviews of the film from media all over the world, from folks who watch movies for a living, I want to post what you–the REAL fans–have to say.

I want everyone who’s seen the movie EMAIL ME your 1 sentence response. Instead of writing huge prosaic papers of grandiose eloquence, let’s get to the meat of what you thought about this movie, boil your reaction down to its essence, and send over your 1 (one) sentence review/reaction to The Fellowship of the Ring!

I’ll be posting them all on the site very soon in the future!


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