What’s YOUR Level of Dedication? – Would you? COULD you?

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So you think you’re a dedicated Tolkien fan? You know the difference between the Calaquendi and the Moriquendi; you know all the nuances between the Teleri, the Vanyar, the Noldor, the Sindar, the Avari, and the Nandor; you can sing Boromir’s dirge… but what would you do to publicly display your committment, hmm?

Last week’s poll, “Which of the following names would you choose for your own child’s name (be it male or female)?“, drew a substantial response in my email inbox, but not quite as impressive as Dave B.’s. His dedication is undeniable! Here’s what he emailed me:

I have to say i love this poll but i have a slight problem voting 🙂 you see all 4 of my daughters are named after someone from Tolkien’s books.

Elinor Arwen almost 8

Rowena Eowyn 6

And our identical twin girls who have just turned one 🙂

Aredhel Aquene

Rosalynd Aranel

Aredhel means ” Noble elf “

Aranel means ” Royal elf “

Both names taken from The Silmarillion

Dave, I stand in deference to you. May the light of Illúvatar shine on your daughter’s fair faces, and may the Flame Imperishable alight within their hearts as a Great Beauty is awakened within and without.

As an additional note, here is a man who wears his love of Tolkien’s world on himself every day, rain or shine. This, my friends, is dedication.

Have you displayed your love of Tolkien’s works in a unique fashion? Email me! We’ll feature your own displays of commitment to the good professor’s works and world on the site!


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